Planning for excellence in local government. The City of Salisbury


An update of Salisbury’s City Plan triggered a requirement to refresh the four operational strategies (or pillars) underpinning it. 

The Organisational Excellence Strategy was the pillar covering all aspects of workforce management and culture.

The Brief

Update the City of Salisbury Organisational Excellence Strategy to accommodate changes in the internal and external environments and respond to the changing expectations of the leadership group. 

Our Response 

Using data from OCI/OEI culture assessment reports and the results of a review of the business excellence area as a starting point, SynergyIQ engaged with stakeholders across the organisation to reframe organisational excellence strategic objectives and develop a range of evidence-based initiatives to move the council forward.

A framework was created to ensure alignment of supporting plans including the WHS Plan, Workforce Management Strategy, divisional business plans and individual development pans. Related policies were reviewed and updated in consultation with the leadership team and council body.

A change management plan and communications strategy, including refreshed employer branding, were developed to support the roll out of the updated strategy. 


-Engagement framework and implementation

-Organisational Excellence Strategy update

-Aligned sub-plans including WHS, Workforce Management and business plans

-Change management and communications plan

-Policy review and recommendations

-Coaching and mentoring


The process applied to updating the Organisational Excellence Strategy helped to reinvigorate the council’s approach to people and culture. The framework created as part of the refresh ensured alignment of objectives across the organisation, creating a clear pathway for the implementation of new initiatives to improve performance and culture.  The updated plan also helped to guide the organisation’s enterprise bargaining process.



The City of Salisbury 



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