Bridging the Gap in Change Management: Beyond Frameworks to Real Skills

 |  8 April 2024


Throughout my extensive experience in managing organisational change, I have witnessed initiatives that have unfolded seamlessly, while others have faced challenges in gaining momentum. It all boils down to one thing: having the right skills to make a real impact. 

Many change frameworks fail to hit the mark by relying on rigid stages and predictable outcomes. They map out a route from 'Awareness' to 'Desire,' then to 'Knowledge,' 'Ability,' and 'Reinforcement,' but fail to adequately prepare individuals for navigating these stages successfully. 

Organisations already have the necessary expertise to share knowledge, build skills, and encourage new behaviours. This expertise can be found in project managers, HR professionals, OD specialists, and communications teams. However, the transition from being aware of change to actually wanting to embrace it is still a challenge that traditional models have not been able to overcome. Many frameworks fail to address this crucial question: How can we encourage employees to move beyond mere knowledge of facts and reasons to understanding what it means and wanting to contribute

The critical thinking and situational analysis skills that enable people to grasp change, as well as the sense-making and systems-thinking skills that enable people to move from awareness to genuine desire, are notably lacking.

Sensemaking is the process pivotal for individuals to not only grasp the reasons behind change but to internalize them. It's how we take the facts and rationales—often framed as 'What’s in it for Me?' (WIIFM)—and turn them into the insights we personally need to fully get on board, commit, and add our support to making the change happen. 

Systems thinking, meanwhile, is the fuel for sensemaking. It's how we understand the complex web of interactions that define our organizations so that our attempts to change it are made with greater precision, fewer unintended consequences, and a better return on investment. 

These competencies are the foundation of Synergy IQ's one-of-a-kind integrated approach. We understand that in order for change to be embraced, it needs to be comprehensible—not only on an intellectual level, but also on an emotional and practical level.

We go beyond just teaching you about change. We help you develop the ability to truly experience and navigate change. Our main goal is to empower teams to not only grasp the importance of change, but also to embrace it wholeheartedly. This cultivates a genuine drive for transformation. 

The SYIQ Change Approach and Reframe Change go beyond frameworks; they involve setting the foundation for a culture that embraces change as a chance for growth and innovation, rather than an imposition. It's the place where everyone goes "aha!" and suddenly the complicated becomes simple and easy to handle. 

We're here to bridge the gap between traditional change models and real-world application, offering a fresh perspective that combines theory and practice. Want to see how this actually works? Take a look at our brand new website to get a taste of our change philosophy. It's packed with resources that demonstrate how Synergy IQ is revolutionising organisations on a daily basis. 

Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you move beyond awareness to a genuine desire for change. 

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