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 |  15 February 2022

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Our goal at SynergyIQ is to create a new way of consulting. Driven by our values - grit, optimism, daring and wisdom - it’s in our company’s DNA to challenge the status quo and partner with our clients to deliver meaningful change.


People and relationships are at the heart of everything we do, from project delivery to capability development and strategic planning.


“We are people professionals.” Says joint owner and business thought leader Michelle T. Holland.


SynergyIQ are specialists in human behaviour, business culture, leadership and helping people embrace change. All our consultants have successfully worked in business and government, so they understand our clients’ challenges and can be creative (rather than theoretical) in the advice they give.


While we take pride in being unconventional, we also have efficient, practical systems that support our consultants to deliver quality outcomes. An internal community of practice ensures that SynergyIQ clients benefit from our entire consulting team's shared experience, expertise, and creativity.

Our remarkable growth has been driven by our reputation for adding real value and providing exceptional customer service. This reputation has also enabled us to attract the best talent from around the world.


“Having such a diverse, international team, we understand the power of belonging and the importance of culture.” Says Michelle. “We believe everyone has the right to be accepted and valued for their unique contribution, feel safe to be who they authentically are, and be inspired to fulfil their potential.”


Michelle, a published author and expert on the topic of culture, says she’s aiming to raise the bar for local businesses. “Our mission is to help leaders create world-class businesses right here in South Australia where people feel valued, safe, inspired and fulfilled. And if we’re challenging our clients to achieve this, we must walk the talk!”


Michelle’s business partner and co-director, Daniel Franco, says it’s equally crucial to find the right clients. “The businesses we work with are pretty special.” He comments. “We’re careful to partner with people and organisations whose values align with our own and who are open to new ways of thinking. Authentic relationships and open communication are central to our mutual success.”


Our clients see us not only as a trusted advisor but as a partner working with them to co-create great outcomes. 


Helping to showcase our clients and provide a platform to share knowledge and foster innovation is the SynergyIQ Podcast – Creating Synergy. Through the podcast, we explore the unique journeys of people who are excelling in their chosen field, community, business or personal life, and deep dive into their experiences and learnings.


Our audience hears about new and innovative approaches in leadership, entrepreneurship, culture, communication, self-development, performance, diversity, and much more. With guests including, Dr Terry Sweeny, Gemma Munro, Gavin Wanganeen, Bruce Djite, Nick Reade, Erma Raneri, and Paul Flynn.


While our people focus at SynergyIQ has remained unchanged since we established the business in 2013, we recently undertook a brand refresh to ensure that our public face remains relevant and consistent with our ethos.


Our new logo is modern and bold and represents the way we work in partnership with our clients.




Our new website features our refreshed branding and showcases our services and approach.


Brand Launch

At SynergyIQ, we’re excited about the future, and we welcome opportunities to talk to leaders who truly value their people and who are willing to break the mould!


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