COVIDsafe Plans for Returning to Workplaces

 |  24 November 2021

COVIDsafe Plans for Returning to Workplaces

“Are you ready for people to come back into the workplace post COVID19 restrictions?”


COVIDsafe Plans for Returning to Workplaces here:

Need help to create your COVIDsafe Plan?


As you are probably aware Prime Minister Scott Morrison has just announced his 3 step plan to bring Australian out of the COVID19 restrictions. It looks like we are all going to be working for home a little longer, where it’s possible.


He also said in the briefing that he encourages businesses to create their own COVIDsafe plans to return people to their workplaces in a safe and responsible way. We all know that returning back to the workplace is going to be a challenge.


We can help you create these plans in a simple and focused way.


We’ll take you through a simple process of understanding your needs and business, determining best course of action for your business, and then develop a RoadMap and Framework that returns your business to work safely.


Get in touch asap as we know the sooner we get these plans completed the quicker we’ll all be back in the workplace.


Call us on 1300 747 003 or email with the subject “COVIDsafe Plan” and we’ll be in touch quickly.


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Director, SynergyIQ

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