The Journey of the 2023 South Australian Entrepreneur of the Year

 |  12 July 2023

Episode #106 | Creating Synergy Podcast

Join us for an electrifying episode featuring the unstoppable Connor O'Rourke, crowned the South Australian Entrepreneur of the Year 2023! 

Ever wonder how a visionary like Connor turned Nuago into an IT powerhouse? Get ready to go behind the scenes of his journey as he shares the raw, unfiltered truths of entrepreneurship.



Why You Can’t Miss This Episode:

  • Embracing Discomfort: Explore the pivotal role of discomfort and ambiguity in the entrepreneurial journey and unlock the power of stepping outside your comfort zone.

  • Conquering Imposter Syndrome: Gain invaluable insights into overcoming the crippling effects of Imposter Syndrome and the importance of validation in the pursuit of success.

  • Team Sports and Leadership: Uncover the unexpected parallels between team sports and building a successful business, and how they shape personal and professional development.

  • Secrets to Sales Success: Peek behind the curtain and learn the insider secrets behind Nuago's meteoric rise, and the integral role of company values in building a winning sales team.

  • AI and Ethics: Engage in a thought-provoking discussion on the future of AI, its ethical implications, and the necessity of infusing human values into its development.

Ready to supercharge your entrepreneurial journey? Don't miss out on this masterclass in entrepreneurship with Connor O'Rourke. Tune in now and elevate your game to new heights! 🚀

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[02:30] Nuago's success story.
[10:20] Connor's take on entrepreneurship
[15:50] Imposter Syndrome's impact and the importance of validation.
[22:45] The influence of team sports on personal and professional growth.
[31:00] Nuago's sales secrets and the role of company values.
[42:50] The future of AI: ethical implications and human values.
[53:00] Connor's advice for young entrepreneurs and his vision for South Australia's future.

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Guest Info

Connor O'Rourke

Co-Founder and Director of Nuago

Connor O'Rourke is a seasoned entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in the South Australian IT industry. As the Co-Founder and Director of Sales at Nuago, he's not only an innovative strategist but also a customer-centric leader who is dedicated to ensuring clients reap the full benefits of technology within their organisations.

Driving Nuago's vision, Connor expertly manages relationships with an expansive portfolio of clients while also leading a talented sales team. He works closely with business partners to design and deliver solutions tailored to meet client needs.

Deeply rooted in the belief that the right blend of talented people, enduring partnerships, and cutting-edge technology can conquer any challenge, Connor guides Nuago's mission to transition IT's role from a cost center to a powerful business enabler. His work aligns strategic business objectives with technology solutions, propelling businesses towards their goals.

Connor's expertise, coupled with his passion for unlocking IT's potential in business, makes him a driving force in today's dynamic tech landscape.


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