Powering Through Challenges and Leadership in Crisis

 |  27 July 2023

Episode #107 | Creating Synergy Podcast

Are you ready to be inspired by a leader who has faced adversity head-on and emerged stronger than ever? Join us for a captivating conversation with Andrew Bills, the resilient CEO of SA Power Networks.

In this episode, Andrew takes us on a journey through his remarkable life, sharing how he navigated personal loss, career challenges, and even a cyber-attack with unwavering determination. From his early days grappling with loss to his rise in the corporate world, Andrew's story is a testament to the power of resilience and transformation.

Why You Can’t Miss This Episode:

  • Leadership Lessons: Discover Andrew's unique perspective on leadership gleaned from his experiences in navigating crisis situations and driving organizational change.

  • Navigating Adversity: Gain insights into how Andrew overcame personal and professional challenges, including a cyber-attack, and emerged stronger and more resilient.

  • Cultural Transformation: Learn from Andrew's experiences at Origin Energy and Stanwell Corporation, where he spearheaded cultural change initiatives, and the impact these had on organizational performance.

  • Business Strategy: Dive into Andrew's strategies for driving business growth and success, including his approach to turning around struggling business units and building a safety culture.

  • Future Vision: Hear Andrew's vision for the future of SA Power Networks and how he plans to steer the organization toward continued success in a rapidly evolving industry landscape.

Don't miss out on this must-listen episode for anyone seeking inspiration and guidance from the highest levels of leadership. Tune in now and discover the secrets to thriving in the face of adversity!

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[01:43] - Andrew's background and early life
[03:46] - The impact of losing his father at a young age
[06:12] - Attending boarding school and developing independence
[07:59] - Moving to Brisbane and working at Coopers and Lybrand
[11:53] - Joining Babcock and Brown and experiencing the financial crisis
[19:57] - Joining Origin Energy and working on cultural change
[27:28] - Discussing the recent issues at PwC and the importance of balanced perspective
[29:33] - Leaving PwC and joining Stanwell Corporation
[33:46] - Working at Babcock and Brown Power during the financial crisis
[40:15] - Building a safety culture at Origin Energy
[45:42] - Turning around the LPG business at Origin Energy
[49:21] - The mindset and actions needed to change culture
[52:35] - The ROI of improving culture at Origin Energy
[54:59] - Discussion about the impact of culture on business
[57:21] - Transitioning to the role of CEO at SA Power Networks

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Guest Info

Andrew Bills - CEO of SA Power Networks

Andrew Bills is an experienced energy executive who has held significant roles in the energy industry in Australia. He is currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SA Power Networks, a leading electricity distribution company in South Australia. Prior to joining SA Power Networks, Bills worked as the CEO of CS Energy, a Queensland-based energy company specializing in electricity generation through coal and gas-fired power stations.

Bills has a diverse background in the energy sector, with experience in utility operations, infrastructure development, retail supply, distribution, LPG, and energy trading. He has held executive positions at Origin Energy, a major Australian energy company, where he played a key role in the Energy Markets Division. In that role, he oversaw various downstream businesses, including trading, retail, generation, LPG, solar, and emerging businesses. 

Throughout his career, Bills has demonstrated strong leadership qualities and a commitment to innovation in the energy industry. He has been involved in driving the transition to renewable energy sources, grid modernization, and operational efficiency. With his extensive experience, he has contributed to shaping the future of the energy sector in Australia. 

Bills is known for his focus on building strong partnerships, embracing diversity, and fostering inclusive leadership. He believes in the importance of humility, active listening, and adapting leadership styles to different situations. Bills values the positive impact he can have on others and finds fulfillment in helping them achieve their ambitions. 

In terms of community engagement, Bills has emphasized the importance of positive relationships with the communities where CS Energy operates. The company has implemented initiatives such as community sponsorships and local procurement strategies to support regional development and strengthen ties with local stakeholders. 

Outside of his professional endeavors, Bills has shown a passion for music, being the son of talented musicians. While his dream job was to be a professional musician, he recognized his strengths and pursued a successful career in the energy industry instead. 



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