The Unbelievable Journey of a CEO Who Cheated Death!

 |  14 December 2023

Episode #116 | Creating Synergy Podcast

Dive into our lates episode of the #CreatingSynergyPodcast as we unravel the extraordinary journey of Shaun Westcott, CEO of Mitsubishi.
From the challenging military ranks in South Africa to leading a global automotive powerhouse, Shaun's story is a masterclass in resilience and innovation.
Discover how Shaun's early military experience shaped his formidable leadership style. Hear about his transformative role at Coca-Cola and how he revolutionized AC Whitcher amidst the 2008 Global Financial Crisis with his out-of-the-box thinking.


Why You Can’t Miss This Episode:

  • Leadership Forged in Adversity: Discover how Shaun's rigorous military background shaped his formidable leadership qualities.
  • Corporate Trailblazer: Learn about Shaun's pivotal roles in transforming major corporations like Coca-Cola and AC Whitcher during critical periods.
  • Visionary in Automotive Leadership: Hear how Shaun's innovative leadership is propelling Mitsubishi towards the future, especially in the electric vehicle arena.
  • Personal Insights: Shaun shares personal stories, revealing how overcoming professional and personal challenges fueled his journey to success.
  • Balancing Act: Gain insights into how Shaun manages the demanding responsibilities of a global CEO while maintaining a fulfilling family life.

🎧 Tune in now for this compelling conversation and dive deep into the life of a man who turns challenges into opportunities.

Trigger Warning: Please be advised that some parts of this episode contain discussions on sensitive topics, including personal experiences of violence and trauma. Listener discretion is advised, especially for those who may find such subjects distressing. We strive to handle these topics with respect and sensitivity, but we understand if some listeners choose to skip this content for their well-being.

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[05:04] - Shaun's Childhood on a South African Farm
[06:21] - Shaun's Passion for Adventure and Adrenaline Activities
[07:27] - Shaun's Ambition to Visit Antarctica
[08:14] - Influence of Shawn's Entrepreneurial Parents
[09:01] - Resilience and Resourcefulness Lessons from Parents
[09:46] - Compulsory Military Service Experience in South Africa
[10:18] - Youngest in School & Joining the Military
[11:07] - Identified as a Leader in the Military
[12:22] - The Importance of People and Motivation
[13:47] - Reflections on Compulsory Military Service

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Guest Info

Shaun Westcott 

CEO of Mitsubishi Motors Australia

Shaun Westcott stands at the forefront of transformative leadership as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Mitsubishi Motors Australia Limited. His extensive career spans a diverse array of industries, including Automotive, Mining, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, Education, Forestry, Agriculture, Robotics, Automation, Packaging, and Processing. Shaun's expertise is rooted in a solid foundation provided by his Masters in Business Administration, equipping him with a profound understanding of complex business landscapes.

As a seasoned senior executive, Shaun excels in steering organizations towards unprecedented growth and operational excellence. His proficiency in business optimisation, complex problem solving, innovation, and organisational renewal has been instrumental in driving market growth across various sectors. Renowned for his executive leadership and stakeholder influence, Shaun's approach is defined by critical thinking, strategic originality, and creativity.

Shaun's specialties extend to change management, where he excels in nurturing employee and stakeholder relationships, fostering market development, and enhancing manufacturing efficiency. His ability to optimize the value chain, coupled with his acumen in product and process improvement, marks him as a leader who can navigate through challenges with finesse and forward-thinking

With a talent for superior communication, Shaun has demonstrated proficiency in high-level negotiation and building high-performing teams. His focus on financial performance and strategy formulation is a testament to his commitment to achieving outstanding results and meeting business objectives with precision and innovation.

At the heart of Shaun's leadership philosophy is a dedication to transforming businesses into thriving entities, poised for success in an ever-evolving global marketplace.


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