Leadership while Navigating Lockdowns and Lift-offs

 |  16 November 2023

Episode #114 | Creating Synergy Podcast

Join us as we take off with Brenton Cox, Managing Director of Adelaide Airport on his unique path from a childhood filled with cricket and community service to steering one of South Australia’s key aviation hubs.

In this episode, discover how Brenton's unique blend of calmness, humility, and welcoming nature has steered him through the aviation industry's highs and lows. We'll delve into his transition from law to aviation, his strategic handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the leadership philosophies that have defined his successful career.



Why You Can’t Miss This Episode:

  • From Law to Aviation: Follow Brenton’s journey from the legal field to aviation, highlighting how his diverse background influences his leadership.
  • Navigating Crisis: Learn how Brenton led Adelaide Airport through the pandemic, emphasizing resilience and strategic foresight.
  • Philosophy and Community Impact: Discover how Brenton's passion for community and early influences inform his leadership style.
  • Strategic Vision: Get insights into Brenton’s plans for Adelaide Airport, focusing on innovation and adapting to industry changes.
  • Leadership Traits: Understand the qualities that define Brenton’s effective leadership, including his calm demeanor and humble approach.

Tune in to this inspiring episode for a closer look at effective leadership in the dynamic world of aviation and the influential career of Brenton Cox.

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[07:10] - Introduction of Brenton Cox and His Role at Adelaide Airport
[08:24] - Brenton's Entry into the Aviation Industry and Interest in Aviation
[17:50] - Impact of Brenton's Upbringing and Parental Influence
[31:37] - Transition from Legal and Finance to Aviation Industry
[46:12] - Brenton's Journey into the Aviation World and Finding Passion
[53:24] - Challenges and Experiences During COVID-19
[1:07:26] - Managing Director Role: Focus on People and Airport Projects
[1:09:18] - Importance of Airport Security and Cybersecurity
[1:14:09] - Future of Airports: Technological Advancements and Sustainability
[1:21:57] - Brenton's Leadership Style and Philosophy: Servant Leadership and Accountability

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Guest Info

Brenton Cox 

Managing Director of Adelaide Airport

Brenton Cox stands at the helm of Adelaide Airport as its Managing Director, a role he assumed in December 2021. His journey in the aviation industry is marked by extensive leadership and executive experience, contributing significantly to the sector's growth and evolution.
Brenton's career began as a commercial lawyer with Fisher Jeffries in Adelaide. He holds an impressive academic record, including a Masters of Law from Cambridge University in the UK, complemented by a First Class Honours Degree in Law, a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting), and a Bachelor of Finance from Adelaide University.
Before joining Adelaide Airport, Brenton developed a rich portfolio of experience with Macquarie Capital in London and Sydney, focusing on airport property transactions and management across Europe and Australia. He also served as a non-executive director for both Sydney Airport and Hobart Airport.
His tenure at Adelaide Airport began in 2013 as Executive General Manager Corporate Affairs, General Counsel, and Company Secretary. Under his leadership, the airport saw significant passenger growth and expansion, particularly pre-COVID, and navigated the challenges brought by the pandemic.
In addition to his aviation career, Brenton contributes to various boards and committees. He is actively involved with the SA Property Council, SA Freight Council, and Adelaide University Business School. He also serves as the Chair of the Finance, Risk, and Compliance Committee at Seymour College Board.
Brenton's legal credentials include being admitted to practice as a solicitor and barrister of the Supreme Court of South Australia and the High Court of Australia.
His appointment to the Managing Director role at Adelaide Airport until November 2025 signifies his commitment to enhancing South Australia's tourism and economic development, as well as his enthusiasm for elevating the festival's global reputation.


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