The Courage to Embrace Change and Finding your True Purpose

 |  30 April 2024

Episode #120 | Creating Synergy Podcast

We are thrilled to welcome back the extraordinary Dr. Gemma Munro for an episode that promises to be a turning point in your journey towards self-discovery and transformation. Known as the Alchemist at Work, Gemma, an award-winning speaker and facilitator, has the unique ability to ignite courage and spark rapid, easeful change. In this episode, we dive deep into the essence of transformation, the power of courage, and how to turn the seemingly impossible into reality. With a PhD in performance psychology, Gemma has touched over 72,000 lives worldwide, proving that change is not only possible but within reach. Tune in now!

Here's why you ABSOLUTELY can't miss this episode:

🎙️  Courage to Change: Gemma dives deep into the psychology behind our fear of stepping out of our comfort zones and how to embrace calculated risks.

🎙️ Finding your Purpose: Unravel the importance of discovering your purpose and common mistakes to avoid.

🎙️ Power of Intuition: Discover practical tips to tap into your intuition and how it can guide your life decisions.

🎙️ Transformative Strategies: Get firsthand tips from Gemma's "What Comes Next?" program, proven to guide participants towards clarity, purpose, and action.

Be ready to be inspired, hopeful, and ready to take on your next challenge. 

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[9:13] - Practical steps to understand one's pre-designed purpose.

[13:36] - Three daily/weekly practices to tap into intuition: balcony time, peace time, and creativity.

[24:03] - Personal stories of following intuition leading to unexpected positive outcomes.

[30:25] - Trusting your gut feeling is essential in decision-making.

[35:49] - Discussing the concept of flow time and its role for a CEO.

[46:38] - Overcoming fears and beliefs that hold people back from pursuing their purpose.

[54:54] - Making a difference in the world through how we choose to be.

[57:49] - Practical tips for discovering a giant, outrageous, liberating dream.

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Guest Info

Dr. Gemma Munro, Award Winning Speaker

Dr. Gemma Munro is a beacon of transformation and courage, blending her expertise as an award-winning speaker, facilitator, and writer with a deep-rooted passion for igniting rapid and easeful change. With a PhD in performance psychology, Gemma is revered as the Alchemist at Work, specializing in the realms of courage, transformation, and the realization of what many deem impossible dreams.

Gemma's influence spans the globe, having inspired over 72,000 individuals through her engaging presentations at prestigious organizations such as Google, Amazon, Qantas, Vodafone, PayPal, and the NHS in London. Her remarkable keynote at Google's Silicon Valley headquarters, streamed to every Google office worldwide, stands as a testament to her impact and reach. She has been recognized with the Duncan Trust Prize for her speaking prowess and was a two-time finalist for the Telstra Businesswoman of the Year award.

Beyond her speaking engagements, Gemma's talents extend to the stage as a classically trained singer, having performed in venues as illustrious as Westminster Abbey, Radio City Music Hall, and alongside the Rolling Stones to a crowd of 53,000 fans. Her dynamic presence and insightful wisdom earn her descriptions such as ‘a human alarm-clock,’ ‘a lightning bolt of love,’ and a ‘witch’ who empowers minds to embrace the limitless potential of their aspirations.

As a co-founder of Inkling Group and the founder of Inkling Women, Gemma has significantly contributed to enhancing the representation of women in leadership roles across Australia, Asia, and the UK. Her career also includes stints as a "tremendously serious" management consultant and a "recovering academic," having completed her PhD at an impressively young age.

Gemma is dedicated to pioneering a vibrant new approach to work and life, championing environments where work mirrors play, life flows seamlessly, and the burdens of exhaustion and overwhelm are relics of the past. She resides on a serene five-acre property in the Adelaide Hills with her fiancé Ben Barnett, their blended family of three children, forty kookaburras, and Lucie the farm dog, embodying the very essence of balance and fulfillment she advocates for.

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