Leading Through Transformation & Triumphs

 |  5 October 2023

Episode #111 | Creating Synergy Podcast

How does a leader turn crisis into opportunity?

Dive into the extraordinary journey of Craige Whitton, CEO of Northline, on this special episode of our podcast.

From his humble beginnings in Perth under his father's mentorship to leading a major corporation through its 40th anniversary, Craige's story is one of ambition, resilience, and visionary leadership.



Why You Can’t Miss This Episode:

  • Leadership Roots: Explore how Craige's upbringing in Perth and core family values forged his unique leadership style.
  • From CFO to CEO: Follow Craige’s dramatic rise from CFO to CEO, navigating through the tumult of the Global Financial Crisis.
  • Explosive Growth: Witness Northline’s evolution from a modest operation into a powerhouse with 18 depots and over 600 staff under Craige's guidance.
  • Culture as a Cornerstone: Discover how Craige cultivates a culture of inclusivity and prioritizes employee well-being, even amidst rapid company growth.
  • Mastering Economic Challenges: Learn from Craige’s strategies on steering a business to thrive in uncertainty, drawing lessons from his experiences during the GFC.

If Craige’s blend of strategic prowess and compassionate leadership intrigues you, then tune in NOW for a dose of inspiration and practical insights!

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[03:29] - Family values in the workplace
[13:58] - Impact of the global financial crisis
[28:33] - Importance of having the right people and culture
[30:00] - Strategic plan for growth and consolidation in the industry
[35:08] - Employee value proposition and high employee retention
[45:00] - Personalized customer service and relationship building
[52:01] - Managing the appetite for new technologies and focus on long-term challenges like sustainability
[56:22] - Insights from the Oxford leadership program
[01:01:15] - Navigating through economic crises and potential recession

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Guest Info

Craige Whitton 

CEO of Northline

As the present-day CEO of Northline, Craige Whitton has made an indelible mark during his 19-year tenure, transforming it into one of Australia's foremost transport and logistics giants. His vast 30-year corporate journey spans expertise in finance, governance, and broad-scale management. Before his illustrious journey with Northline, Craige served in key financial roles with prominent hospitality brands like Rydges and ACCOR. In 1994, he transitioned to Adelaide, taking the reins as the Finance Director of Hyatt Regency Adelaide, and later as the CEO of the multifaceted tourism and hospitality powerhouse, Proud Australia Group.

A proud alumnus of Hale School (Perth) and Edith Cowan University, Craige is not just an embodiment of corporate excellence but also of academic prowess. He's a recognized member of the Certified Practising Accountants of Australia and a distinguished Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Adding to his credentials is his recent completion of the Advanced Management & Leadership Program from the esteemed Oxford University.

Outside the corporate domain, Craige is deeply involved in community service. He currently serves as the Deputy Chair of Burnside Hospital Inc.'s Board and chairs its Audit & Finance Committee. He's also held esteemed positions at Seymour College's board and was a pivotal Director for Adelaide Basketball (36ers).


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