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 |  30 April 2024

Episode #122 | Creating Synergy Podcast

Curious How a CEO Can Influence Both Corporate Success and Community Well-being?

Don't miss our latest episode where we explore the profound impact of leadership through the lens of Mark Hoffman-Davis, CEO of SYC Limited. 


Why You Can’t Miss This Episode:

  • From CIA Backgrounds to Global Shifts: Understand the unique upbringing that shaped a future CEO—from secretive family roles to adapting to new cultures.
  • Leadership Lessons from McDonald’s to the C-Suite: Hear about the unconventional path from managing a fast-paced fast food outlet to leading major corporations, and the critical lessons learned along the way.
  • Transformative Work Ethic: Delve into Mark’s teenage years of balancing school with managing a busy McDonald's, fostering a work ethic that would define his career.
  • Strategic Business Moves: Discover the strategic decisions behind the exponential growth at Academy Cleaning Services, where Mark expanded the staff from 80 to over 2,000.
  • Navigating Corporate and Community Impact: Gain insights into the challenges of aligning corporate strategies with community needs, a balancing act that Mark handles deftly as the CEO of SYC.
  • Tech Innovations in Social Services: Learn about SYC’s approach to integrating technology with human-centered services, particularly in mental health and housing, and the future vision for digital transformation in the social services sector.

This episode provides rare insights into the making of a leader who’s not only at the forefront of business innovation but also deeply committed to social impact. Tune in, get inspired, and maybe steal some of his secrets for yourself! Don’t forget to subscribe – you won’t want to miss this!

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[2:03] - Early Life and Move to Australia
[6:21] - CIA influence from Mark's father
[8:12] - Lessons in Hard Work
[18:19] - Childhood Lessons
[27:21] - Leadership at a Young Age
[44:43] - Career Progression
[50:38] - Customer-Centric Philosophy
[1:04:46] - Transition to CEO of SYC
[1:29:20] - Technology in Human Services
[1:41:39] - Vision for the Future

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Guest Info

Mark Hoffman-Davis

CEO of SYC Limited

Mark Hoffman-Davis is a dynamic and personable leader with over 25 years of diverse experience across multiple industries. Mark began his tenure as Chief Executive Officer at SYC in January 2021, after joining the executive team in 2018. Under his leadership, he oversees employment services, education, training programs, and key corporate functions including human resources, information technology, and payroll.

Previously, Mark spearheaded a commercial facility services firm, transforming it into a national leader by expanding its workforce to over 2,000 personnel. As CEO of SYC, he is committed to enhancing the organization's ability to drive meaningful change, impacting thousands of Australians each year. His strategic enhancements to SYC’s executive team have fortified the organization's capability to broaden its scope and deepen its impact across a variety of services and programs.

Mark is renowned for his motivational management style, deep knowledge of human resources, and robust financial oversight. He is an innovator with a knack for crafting tailor-made business systems and integrating cutting-edge technological solutions. His adept change management abilities, coupled with a proven track record in sales, marketing, and tendering processes, underscore his comprehensive leadership acumen.

A graduate of the AICD Company Directors Course, Mark currently lives in Adelaide, South Australia, where he continues to lead with a focus on innovation and sustainable growth.


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