Unveiling the Human and the Visionary Leader Behind the Boardroom

 |  19 October 2023

Episode #112 | Creating Synergy Podcast

Are you ready to uncover what drives a visionary leader to achieve greatness in both life and business?

Dive into this captivating episode featuring Alf Ianiello, the esteemed CEO of CODAN and the transformative leader behind Detmold as we explore how his Italian heritage, remarkable soccer career, and profound family values have shaped his respected approach to leadership and innovation.



Why You Can’t Miss This Episode:

  • Leadership That Resonates: Witness the power of compassionate leadership as Alf shares why empathy and integrity are the cornerstones of his success.
  • A Journey from the Ground Up: From overcoming childhood adversity to shining in the National Soccer League, learn how Alf’s roots have fueled his professional ascent.
  • Innovating at the Helm: Unpack Alf’s groundbreaking strategies and commitment to culture that have catapulted CODAN to new heights.
  • Navigating Through Storms: Alf discusses how his seasoned insights helped him steer through the 2008 financial crisis and his take on navigating current global economic challenges.
  • Mastering the Balance: Get an insider look at how Alf achieves harmony between demanding leadership roles and a fulfilling personal life.

🎧 Tune in now for an episode brimming with lessons on leadership, resilience, and the art of balance.

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[6:27] - Influence of Parents
[17:59] - Sports and Leadership
[21:34] - Evolving Leadership Style
[31:56] - Joining Detmold
[39:12] - Customer Centricity
[45:57] - Corporate Transitions
[58:16] - Goal Setting Strategies
[1:03:05] - Leadership Philosophy
[1:15:56] - Facing Recession
[1:19:52] - Work-Life Balance

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Guest Info

Alf Ianiello

CEO and Managing Director of CODAN

With a remarkable tenure that has spanned continents and industries, Alf Ianiello stands as a beacon of leadership, innovation, and international business acumen. Currently at the helm as Managing Director and CEO of Codan since January 2022, Alf's dynamic career trajectory has enriched him with profound expertise in the realms of packaging, defence, and automotive industries. He has notably held prestigious senior roles at Schefenacker Vision Systems and British Aerospace.

Alf's international leadership prowess is showcased in his successful management of significant facilities across diverse markets such as China, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, and South Africa. Before his illustrious tenure at Codan, Alf was the CEO of the Adelaide-based Detmold Group for 14 transformative years. Under his visionary leadership, Detmold soared as a leading international packaging solutions provider, with staggering revenues touching US$450 million.

In addition to his executive roles, Alf's influence permeates boardrooms across sectors. He has held significant board positions with SMEs, Tertiary Institutions, and even in the Local Government, lending his expertise and vision to foster growth and innovation.

Educationally, Alf is equally accomplished. He is an alumnus of the revered Wharton Business School Global CEO Program at the University of Pennsylvania, where he attended in 2012. He holds a Graduate Certificate in Management and a Bachelor of Engineering (Electronic Engineering) from the University of South Australia. Further solidifying his corporate governance credentials, Alf is a proud graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

With a track record of excellence and an eye for global perspectives, Alf Ianiello continues to inspire and shape industries across the world.


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