Navigating Rapid Expansion and Change

 |  30 May 2024

Episode #124 | Creating Synergy Podcast

This week, we have the incredible Grant Wilckens, CEO of the G'day Group, joining us to share his insights on navigating rapid expansion and change in the business world. You absolutely don't want to miss this one!

 Curious about how one of Australia's largest regional accommodation provider manages rapid growth and constant change? Grant spills the secrets!


Grant dives deep into:

  • The secrets behind G'day Group's phenomenal growth.
  • How to steer a company through times of rapid change.
  • Insights on leadership and staying resilient.
Whether you’re leading a team, running your own business, or just curious about the dynamics of growth and change, you’ll find something valuable here. Now available on all your favourite podcast platforms or listen here ⬇

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[02:15] - Grant's Early Career and Background
[10:30] - Challenges in Leadership
[18:45] - Importance of Mentorship
[25:00] - Navigating Organizational Change
[33:20] - Maintaining Work-Life Balance
[41:05] - Embracing Innovation
[50:15] - Building a Strong Team
[58:30] - Future Trends in the Industry
[1:04:00] - Leadership Strategies
[1:05:30] - Professional Growth Tips


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Guest Info

Grant Wilckens

Founder and CEO of the G 'day Group


Grant Wilckens is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Discovery Parks, Australia’s largest owner and operator of lifestyle, holiday, and workforce accommodation parks. With a corporate finance background from Rothschild and 360 Capital Group, Grant has emerged as a leading figure in the Australian accommodation park industry.

Originally hailing from Adelaide, Grant's career as a chartered accountant has taken him to London, Sydney, and even on an adventurous side trip to Africa. In 2004, he returned to Adelaide and co-founded Discovery Parks, where he continues to serve as CEO and remains financially involved.

Grant holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Adelaide and is an Associate Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and the Financial Securities Institute in the United Kingdom. He also serves as a board member of the Caravan Industry Association of Australia, reinforcing Discovery Parks' commitment to supporting the local industry.

Married with two children, Grant enjoys spending his spare time holidaying at Discovery Parks.


Connect with Grant Wilckens


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