A journey of resilience from personal trials to leading aged care innovation

 |  30 April 2024

Episode #119 | Creating Synergy Podcast

Ready for something truly inspiring to kick off your weekend? We’ve got something special for your ears with our latest episode of the #CreatingSynergyPodcast featuring the incredible Claire Scapinello, CEO of ECH Inc.  

Claire’s story is the kind of listen that’ll have you hooked from start to finish. Her journey is packed with lessons on resilience, innovation, and what it means to lead with vision and heart. 

Here's why:

  • Discover Claire's journey of incredible resilience, from overcoming a life-changing injury to leading one of the largest aged care providers.
  • Get an insider's look into the innovative strategies propelling the aged care industry forward.
  • Gain actionable insights on leading with empathy, navigating change, and embracing technology

We dive deep into how she's transforming aged care, blending technology with a touch of humanity, and making real changes that matter.

It’s not just about the challenges; it’s about seeing opportunities where others see obstacles. Make your day a bit more meaningful, fuel your motivation and spark new ideas and give this episode a listen!

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[05:17] - Introduction to Claire's background and influences

[25:02] - Claire discusses a life-changing injury in 2009 and its impact

[35:25] - The moment Claire was told she might never walk again

[38:11] - Exploration of stoicism and its role in Claire's recovery process

[44:01] - Claire shares her experience of regaining movement and her determination

[58:34] - Transitioning into Claire's career and her role as CEO of a major aged care provider

[1:04:14] - The importance of customer focus and digital understanding for CEOs

[1:13:12] - Discussion on change management and transforming the aged care industry

[1:27:15] - The growing impact and challenges within the aged care sector

[1:39:49] - Claire's appreciation for stoicism and the best advice she has received


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Guest Info

Claire Scapinello  


With over two decades of experience in senior leadership roles spanning aged care, retirement, and various commercial sectors, Claire is a beacon of resilience, focus, and innovative leadership.

Her expertise lies in driving growth through strategic marketing, digital, and customer strategies, leveraging her deep understanding of consumer behavior and market trends.

Claire’s leadership is marked by her commitment to centering the customer in product development and business strategy, significantly enhancing customer engagement, retention, and acquisition.

Her vision extends beyond the immediate, as she excels in seeing the ‘larger picture’ while adeptly navigating complex business challenges. At the core of her success is the belief in the power of strong relationships, team development, and collaborative innovation to achieve extraordinary results.

Claire’s specialties include Leadership, Change Management, Brand Strategy, Digital Transformation, and much more, making her a formidable force in transforming the landscape of aged care with foresight and empathy.


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