Leading with Compassion: Conversation on affordable housing, Change Management, and Community

 |  30 April 2024

Episode #121 | Creating Synergy Podcast

Dive into this enlightening episode of the #CreatingSynergyPodcast where we sit down with the dynamic Stacey Northover, Executive General Manager at Believe Housing Australia. Stacey brings over 25 years of transformative leadership in the housing sector from the bustling streets of the UK to the vibrant communities of Australia. Prepare to be inspired by her dedication to changing lives and challenging norms.

Why You Can’t Miss This Episode:

  • Early Inspirations: Discover how Stacey’s early experiences in UK community housing ignited a burning passion to ensure that everyone has a place to call home.
  • Breaking Barriers: Stacey tackles the tough stereotypes associated with community housing, revealing her strategic approaches to fostering inclusivity and dismantling misconceptions.
  • Embracing Change: Witness the transformative power of technology in housing as Stacey details Believe Housing’s leap into innovative IT solutions with the help of SynergyIQ. 
  • Leadership with Empathy: Gain insights into Stacey’s leadership philosophy that combines empathy with optimism, pivotal for steering her team through complex transformations.
  • The Fun Side of Change: Learn how SynergyIQ’s unique approach to making change management fun helped dissolve fears and build a proactive culture at Believe Housing.

🎧 Listen now and let Stacey’s story inspire you to think differently about community, change, and the places we call home. Available now on all major podcast platforms!

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[09:51] - Affordable Housing Crisis 

[14:55] - Community Housing in Australia 

[21:19] - Career Progression in Housing 

[24:52] - Breaking Stereotypes and Supporting Tenants 

[30:38] - Mental Health Support for Tenants 

[38:13] - Domestic Violence and Support Systems 

[48:29] - Challenges of Immigration and COVID-19 

[1:04:22] - Leadership and Change Management

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Guest Info

Stacey Northover  

Executive General Manager, Believe Housing

Stacey Northover is an accomplished senior professional with over 24 years of experience in the customer service and housing sectors across the UK and Australia. As the Executive General Manager of Believe Housing, part of AnglicareSA Housing, Stacey is dedicated to enhancing community through accessible social and affordable housing. Her career is marked by a passion for making a significant impact in people’s lives, driven by a belief that housing is a fundamental gateway to individual and community prosperity.

Known for her dynamic and positive leadership style, Stacey excels in culture and change management, strategic reorganization, and continuous improvement. Her efforts have led to enhanced customer satisfaction and financial effectiveness, increasing value for money across the board. Stacey's leadership extends to overseeing diverse teams and projects, ranging from large-scale affordable housing developments to innovative programs assisting young people in transitioning to independent living.

Committed to excellence, Stacey focuses on delivering high-quality customer outcomes and services, ensuring that they adapt to the evolving needs of the community. Her work has resulted in notable partnerships and initiatives, such as collaboration with 369Labs for energy efficiency, which have bolstered housing availability and affordability for tenants in South Australia.

Stacey's unwavering dedication to housing advocacy underscores her commitment to fostering opportunities that enable cities and communities to thrive, making her a key voice in the push for sustainable and inclusive urban development.


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