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 |  27 December 2023

Episode #117 | Creating Synergy Podcast

Dive into an insightful episode of the #CreatingSynergyPodcast with our incredible guest, Martin Haese,  former Lord Mayor of Adelaide and a trailblazer in entrepreneurship. 

We explore Martin's multifaceted career - from founding successful fashion ventures like Youthworks and Sole Shoes to leading significant civic and business initiatives in South Australia.

Why You Can’t Miss This Episode:

  • Building a $25 Million Fashion Empire: The story of founding and growing Youthworks and Sole Shoes.
  • Strategic Leadership in Business and Governance: Insights from leading Rundle Mall Management Authority and co-founding Entrepreneurs Organisation.
  • Contributions Beyond Business: Roles as Lord Mayor, CEO of Business SA, and involvement in the Dept. of Trade and Investment.
  • Commitment to Sustainability: Chairing the Premier's Climate Change Council and innovative approaches in business.
  • Vision for South Australia's Future: Perspectives on economic growth, innovation, and community impact.

This episode offers a unique glimpse into the mind of a leader who's consistently challenged the status quo, embraced innovation, and pursued his vision with relentless determination. It's a must-listen for those interested in entrepreneurship, leadership, and community development.

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[00:00:10] - Introduction of Martin Haese and his notable achievements.
[00:04:22] - Martin's early years and his aspiration for business.
[00:14:08] - The inception of Youthquake in 1993 and its journey.
[00:21:07] - Emphasis on the importance of systems and reinvesting in business.
[00:26:13:] - Building a strong company culture centered around values and customers.
[00:32:14] - 'Freedom Fridays': Allocating time for research and future planning.
[00:43:04] - Martin Haese discusses selling his business and transitioning roles.
[01:03:27] - Exploring the potential for entrepreneurship in South Australia.
[01:09:30] - Explaining the role and responsibilities of the Lord Mayor of Adelaide.
[01:21:19] - Martin Haese's enthusiasm about South Australia's leadership in renewable energy.

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Guest Info

Martin Haese  

A serial entrepreneur and Former Lord Mayor of Adelaide

Martin Haese stands out as a distinguished entrepreneur, educator, and advocate, seamlessly blending environmental concerns with economic strategies. As the Chair of the Premier’s Climate Change Council in South Australia, he plays a pivotal role, offering expert, independent advice to the Deputy Premier and State Cabinet. His guidance is crucial in shaping policies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to climate change.

Elected as the 78th Lord Mayor of Adelaide in 2014, Martin served with distinction until late 2018, marking his tenure with significant contributions to the city's progress. His expertise and insights have been sought on global platforms, evident from his participation as a guest speaker at COP21 in Paris (2015) and the World Cities Summit in Singapore (2018).

Previously at the helm of South Australia’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry as the Chief Executive, Martin demonstrated exceptional leadership, enhancing the chamber's impact and outreach. His latest appointment as the Special Envoy to Singapore and Southeast Asia for Trade and Investment reflects the Government of South Australia's trust in his capabilities to foster international relationships and drive economic growth.

Martin's career is a testament to his ability to navigate complex intersections of environmental sustainability and economic vitality, making him a respected voice in both the public and private sectors.


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