Shifting Gears: Leadership, Innovation, and Industry Change

 |  4 July 2024

Episode #126 | Creating Synergy Podcast

🚀What does it take to lead a $2.67 billion industry through rapid change and innovation?

Join us as Darrell Jacobs, the dynamic CEO of the Motor Trade Association shares his insights on driving change and innovation in the automotive industry, leading a $2.67 billion sector, and empowering over 16,000 employees.


Here’s why you should listen:

  • Learn how to manage change in today’s fast-paced world.
  • Get strategies for engaging your team and reducing their fears about change.
  • Gain insights into systems thinking and solving problems together.
  • Hear Darrell's personal story from his humble beginnings to becoming a CEO.
  • Pick up practical advice on leadership and sparking innovation.

If you’re curious about the complexities of leading a major industry through change, this episode is for you. This is a conversation you don't want to miss 👇


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  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 01:53 - The Evolution of the Automotive Industry
  • 02:33 - Darrell's Background: From Country Lad to CEO
  • 15:41 - Values of Hard Work and Honesty
  • 55:10 - The Importance of Everyday Change and Continuous Improvement
  • 57:30 - Enhancing Training Efficiency and Customer Engagement
  • 58:25 - Embracing Customer Feedback for Effective Solutions
  • 1:00:06 - Managing Change and Reducing Employee Fear
  • 1:03:10 - Systematic Thinking and Collaborative Problem Solving
  • 1:40:25 - Innovation and Seizing Opportunities Every Day
  • 1:07:46 - Leadership Through Understanding and Employee Engagement
  • 50:06 - Strategic Vision: Profit with Purpose Mentality
  • 1:39:52 - Customer-Centric Leadership and Adapting to Change


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Guest Info

Darrel Jacobs

CEO at Motor Trade Association (MTA)


Darrel Jacobs is the CEO of the Motor Trade Association (MTA), where he leads a $2.67 billion industry through rapid change and innovation.

Born in Balaklava and raised in the country pub of Red Hill, Darrel’s journey from a country lad to a prominent industry leader is both inspiring and instructive. Known for his practical approach to leadership, Darrel emphasizes the importance of continuous improvement, everyday innovation, and engaging teams to drive success.

Under his leadership, MTA has enhanced training efficiency, improved customer engagement, and embraced a vision of profit with purpose. Darrel’s deep understanding of the automotive industry, combined with his ability to navigate and manage change effectively, makes him a highly respected figure in the business community.


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